• Name: Joel Wragg
    Email: wrajoe14@gmail.com
    Phone: 206-450-0350
    Message: I’m a 39 year old male sailor looking to crew for the whole race. I can also help with deliveries. This would be my first Van Isle. What I lack in offshore experience I can make up for with a positive attitude and willingness to work and learn.

    I primarily crew with the J105 fleet out of Shilshole for the last four years as part of a very active program that participates in most local races throughout the year including Swiftsure and RTC. I also regularly crew on a Olson 911 and an Express 37. Most proficient at headsail trim, mast, and foredeck but can contribute at all positions. I have completed my Safety at Sea.
    I can provide references. Looking forward to hearing from ya.

  • Name: Nick Kucher
    Email: npkucher@gmail.com
    Phone: 778-678-4443
    Message: New to Offshore Racing, but eager to learn. I have been sailing inshore races with CFSA, but largely my sailing experience is with dinghies.I hold a PCOC, and ROC-M. While not trained through civilian lines for sea survival, and first aid, I do have this training through my 20+ years with the Navy. There I have been a bridge watch keeper, rescue swimmer, and diver; which would be the most relevant positions to this opportunity.

    I’m open to any position; however, in my inshore races, I’ve mainly been pit, and main trimmer.

  • Name: Cedric Wesley Keneipp
    Email: wesleykeneipp@gmail.com
    Phone: 360 510 4602
    Message: My name is Cedric Wesley Keneipp, and I grew up sailing in Bellingham WA, spending the majority of my time in skiffs, 505s, and keelboats. I also have experience with single-handed foiling boats and racing grand Prix-style boats such as TP52s, Farr 40s, and C&C30s.Last year I was a sailmaker at Doyle Newport; where I helped build sails for the TP52 super series, RC44, and various super yachts. I have been sailing for 11 years and have totaled well over 20,000 hours on the water. I would like to join a serious team for the Van Isle 360 that is calm in the face of stress. I have my safety at sea course as well.
  • Name: James Thompson
    Email: jft7@comcast.net
    Phone: 253 720 1758
    Message: Looking to do my fifth Van Isle as crew or even shore support this time. I can pretty well drive anything.
    Highlights of my Sailing:
    2022 Southport Ct to Bermuda on a Hanse 400
    2022 Vic-Maui Race on 47’tripp
    2019 Van Isle 360 on J-133
    2017 Van Isle 360 on J-133
    2013 Van Isle 360 on F-31
    2011 Van Isle 360 on Hammerhead 34
    I also have a good working knowledge of rigging, sail repair and diesel engines
  • Name: Brent Bezugley
    Email: brentbezugley@gmail.com
    Phone: 403-828-4663
    Message: 18K+ offshore miles, 11K+ coastal miles. Participated as crew in Southern Straits, Swiftsure, Patos Is. races as well as numerous regatta’s.
    PCOC, Roc-M, Yachtmaster Offshore Certification, Sail Canada Basic Cruising Instructor, Standard First Aid w/CPR.
    Best in the cockpit trimming or driving.
    Available for the whole race.
  • Name: Marisha Schaefer
    Email: marishaschaefer@gmail.com
    Phone: 2365625532
    Message: Female, 46, any position, entire race, happy to get hotels where possible
    Safety at Sea, Marine First Aid, VHF, Coastal Nav, Coll Regs, Sail Canada keelboat instructor cert
    Currently employed with the NAVY – teaching keelboat
    Boat owner: J24
    2019 Van Isle 360 crew on Dufour 34.5: Discernment (entire race)
    2018 Vic Maui First Mate on Jenneau 45: Gemini’s Dream
    2015 Ocean passage on Catamaran 50ft – NZ to Tahiti 2400nm
    2013 Halifax to Bermuda on 70ft monohull – 740mn
    2011-2014 Multiple charter skipper, many Caribbean Islands
  • Name: Hayley McIntosh
    Email: hayley.e.mcintosh@gmail.com
    Phone: 250 570 2653
    Message: I’m keen on doing another full 360 – especially the offshore legs. I have 20,000 offshore miles of experience on a mix of mono and multihulls in the Pacific and Atlantic. I hold two commercial tickets – RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore 200T license and a Canadian 150T license (I work full time with CCG). I am a team player, provisioner extraordinaire and keen to contribute to a Van Isle 360 2023 team. In any capacity; trim, pit, bow, helm or watch captain. References available if you’d like.
  • Name: Brian R Blunt
    Email: greatfulbrian@gmail.com
    Phone: 250 580 2279
    Message: I have my: PCOC. ROC(M). CPS Boating 2. CPS Boating 3 (Coastal Navigation). Sailboat Crew Certification: Level 4. Coastal Safety at Sea Certification. CYA Basic Skipper Cruising Certification . Level 3 First Aid. I have been sailboat racing in the VIRS and Victoria Yacht Club races the past 3 years. I have done many long distance overnight races. I have crewed for Arthur Hesford, the Victoria Yacht Club Sailor of the year. I have crewed for Graham Heath, the VIRS Sailor of the year.
  • Name: Matthew Sullivan
    Email: matthewsulliv6@gmail.com
    Phone: 4164355680
    Message: Certs – 2 Day Offshore Personal Survival Course, PCOC
    Offshore Experience – 3 Southern Straits, 1 Van Isle (2019) Full Race, 2 Round the County Races, numerous smaller VARC and PNW distance racesI’m a Naval Architect with lots of technical knowledge about boats and their mechanical systems. I’m looking to do either a full or partial Van Isle. I have lots of experience trimming (main jib and spin) and pit, I’d probably be most useful here but pretty open to help out where its needed. I have an extensive dinghy racing history from my teen and university years where I competed in Laser around North America and Collegiate Dinghy Racing in university. Located in Vancouver.
  • Name: Andre Corkum
    Email: apcorkum@hotmail.com
    Phone: 9022257993
    Message: Available for potentially full race, competed 2019. Extensive offshore and onshore racing experience up to 50 feet. Sail trimming, most main in recent years.
  • Name: DJ Feinstadt
    Email: dj.feinstadt@gmail.com
    Phone: 6043187114
    Message: Hello. I’m looking to join a team for all or part of this year’s race. I’ve been racing for about 12 years on a number of boats. Last year I raced in the 2022 Vic-Maui and 2022 and PNW Offshore race on a Beneteau 49. I also raced in two Van Isle 360s (2015 & 2019) on a Hanse 400e. In addition I’ve done a number of Southern Straits and Swiftsure races as well as other mid-distance local races, such as Round the County and Round Patos. I’m a regular in the local VARC races and Wednesday Evening races in the Summer (currently i am mostly racing on a J109). I’m usually on bow or spin/jib trim but also helm (lots of hours offshore while heading to Maui). I hold current safety at sea and marine first aid certificates.
  • Name: James Volkers
    Email: jamesvolkers@gmail.com
    Phone: 2502189319
    Message: 10 Van Isle 360s – as Navigator/Tactician/Skipper on various awesome boats! (Mad Max, Time Bandit, Cassiopeia, Crossfire, Tripp Tease, Occams Razor, Serenite)
    Commercial Master unlimited tonnage Local waters Certfiicate
    Co-own and skipper Martin 242 actively
    Seeking afterguard position (Nav/Tac/Helm/Trim)
    Can provide local knowledge with experience as Ferry Master on multiple routes from Gabriola up to Port Mcneill, and Coast Guard offshore Nav officer experience, signed up for May 2023 Offshore Personal Survival Course
  • Name: Chris Kasper
    Email: chris.kasper@shaw.ca
    Phone: 4032637804
    Message: Looking to crew aboard a boat for the full length of the race in order to gain more sea experience. I have my PCOC and hold CYA’s Basic Cruising, Intermediate Cruising, and Coastal Navigation standards as well as St. John Ambulance First Aid and Radio-Telephone restricted operator license. I’ll accept any position or chore – except chained galley rowing slave!
  • Name: Kate Sargent
    Email: kateisargent@gmail.com
    Phone: 2502168886
    Message: While my offshore experience is limited I have many years of keel boat racing experience. The bulk of my racing experience is from competing internationally in the 29er and 49erfx, its only recently that I am starting to pursue keel boating more seriously. I am a certified sail Canada sailing instructor with all of the associated certificates, standard first aid, coach boat safety, on water safety, etc. as well as extensive man over board and rescue experience. I am interested in any position, I am an adaptive sailor and have experience in all roles on keelboats including helm.
  • Name: Graham Halyard Harney
    Email: grahambvi@gmail.com
    Phone: 604 561 6265
    Message: Hi There! My name is Graham, I’m 27. And I’ve been sailing and on the ocean all my life.
    My distance racing experience is limited. Swiftsure, Round Saltspring (double handed) & R2AK (as far as Gibsons) on Corsair 31R Trimaran. I’ve sailed Halibut Bank on Longboard (Riptide 35), trimmed BVI Spring Regatta on Taz (RP37), and raced STIR IC24 on bow. Most Vancouver local events I race Farr 30 in variety of positions. Recent experience on Shadow TP52. Raced Lasers and competed at ISAF Youth Worlds 2014, North American Grand Prix #1. GKA Kitesurf world ranking #15 2019.
    First Aid & CPR/AED Level C
    Available to race Swiftsure. Open to all positions and invitations. Thankyou!
  • Name: Gus Mercer
    Email: gusmercer346@gmail.com
    Message: I’m looking for a crew position for the Van Isle 360.
    My sailing experience includes, but is not limited to:
    6 Years Olson 30
    3 Years Martin 242
    Vic Maui 2002 ( C&C 41 ) and 2016 ( Sun Odessy 439 )
    VanIsle 360 2003 ( Soverel 33 )
    I have sailed many PNW events, such as Swiftsure, Southern Straits, and various regattas.
    I own an Ericson 25+ and moor at RVicYC.
    I am comfortable in various crew roles and would appreciate a try-out sail. Please get in touch with me with any questions.
  • Name: René Thibault
    Email: rene_thibault@hotmail.com
    Phone: 250-344-1646
    Message: Hello, looking for a boat to crew on.
    I’m a seasoned sailor with over 15 years of weekend racing mostly in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. I have done a few Marblehead (Boston-Halifax) races along with sailing to Charlottetown for their regatta. Moved to the coast 2019 and bought a 34 ft sailboat summer 2021.
    Did a few races in Nanaimo last fall.
    Been taking First Aid recertification for the last 40 years and was volunteer Canadian ski patroller for 6 years in Golden.
    Took the Offshore Personal Survival course at RVYC last October.
    I feel comfortable in all positions on a sailboat except tactician!!
  • Name: Chris Mackenzie
    Email: chrismackenzie550@hotmail.com
    Phone: 6048809152
    Message: Looking for any crew position. OFA Level 3 FA, SVOP, RCM SAR member, 33ft sailboat owner looking for experience.
  • Name: Katie Smith
    Email: ktesmi@gmail.com
    Phone: 2508858223
    Message: I’m looking for a crew position for the Van Isle 360. I live in Victoria and I have one year of experience racing on an Olson 30. I have my SVOP, Med A2, ROC-MC, and Marine Basic First Aid. My desired position is pit crew, but I am happy to be trained on main or bow. Thanks!
  • Name: Art Macaw
    Email: art_macaw@hotmail.com
    Phone: 204-509-6383
    Message: If anyone is looking for crew for the race I would love to offer myself.
    I am an experienced sailor with 10 Chicago MACs, one Swiftsure and many other distance races.
    My sailing CV and references are available on request
    I current live in Comox
  • Name: Larissa
    Email: larissa.chahley@gmail.com
    Phone: 647 548 8514
    Offshore Experience:
    – Sailed over 3000nm on a 52 Ketch Sailboat in the South China Seas for 6 months. Longest voyage without seeing land was 12 days.
    – Live & own a 32ft Ericsson for about a year now off the Coast of Vancouver Island
    – Currently live and sail around Ucluelet/Broken Group
    – Been half way around Vancouver Island from Campbell River to TofinoRelative Certificates:
    – Recent hire for Canadian Coast Guard
    – MED BST (Marine Emergency Duties: Basic Survival)
    – ROC MC (Radio Operator Commercial)
    – MED PSC (Marine Emergency Duties: Proficiency Survival Craft)
    – MBFA (Marine Basic First Aid)
    – BWR Training (Bridge Watch Rating Training)
    – WFA (Wilderness First Aid 20 hours)
    – SVOP (Small Vessel Operator Proficiency)
    + work for the Canadian Armed Forces as a Canadian RangerCrew Position Desired:
    – Bow, Mast, Pit…**Disclaimer**
    I have never been in a race before with sailboats. It has been something that I’ve wanted to try for the past 3 years. I have great communication skills and understand the “closed loop system”, can function on little to no sleep, seek adventure and fun & of course, win the race!That being said, if you chose to accept me as your crew, I will listen and learn with you and the team. I would let the captain/driver choose what position they would like new crew to be in. I’ve never experienced these positions besides reading/watching online.