Spirit of Van Isle – Surfrider

The camaraderie of the Van Isle 360 is the spirit that binds skippers, crew and selfless acts of competitors helping competitors make it to the finish or the start line everyday.
On the Hardwicke – Telegraph Cove leg Surfrider lost the blades to their Martec propeller somewhere along the way. Shearwater provided a tow into and out of Telegraph Cove. But what to do about an “older” propeller?
After receiving the call Tuesday night “Titanium” Stu Dahlgren from UK Sails in Sydney was rummaging around in his storage shed for a spare Martec that he remembered he had.
In order to make the early “same day” courier up island Titanium (Stu Dahlgren from UK Sails) was up early at 0530 dissembling and cleaning the spare Propeller he had found the night before.
The package arrived in Nanaimo at 1220 – 10 minutes ahead of schedule and was immediately collected for furtherance by Soupy (Super) Dave McCallum, who will be switching to the onboard Riva Crew in Port Hardy later today – and handing off the Prop.
Your correspondent hopes that this fix works out.
Greg Johnston and the Surfrider crew hail Titanium Stu from UK Sails who is the hero in all this quick source, turn around and delivery.
Past Van Isle 360 racer Stu would probably say: “it’s all about the community”
The race committee was sitting in Sporty’s in Port Hardy when an e-mail came in from Ben Watson of Lodos indicating he was available to dive boats if needed. The race committee hooked up Ben with skipper Greg Johnston of Surfrider, and repairs should be effected today.
Thank you to the whole Van Isle community for pulling together to make this happen!

JeSySpirit of Van Isle – Surfrider