Sail #: 52005
Skipper: Steve Travis
Province/State: Washington (Honorary British Columbia)
Yacht Club: Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle
Type: TP52
Designer: Botin Carkeek
Builder: Del Pardo
ORC GPH: 446.2
LOA: 15.850m
Beam: 4.372m
Draft: 3.176m
Back Again! This will be Steve & crew’s 8th consecutive Van Isle, starting out on Flash and last go round entering with Smoke. The secret behind being able to endure 8 consecutive Van Isles is their incredible shore support tea of one. Never complains, always there to assist with a big smile and a “how can I help”. Oh and a consistent group of “young crew” ensures outstanding camaraderie. Smoke will be one of 4 TP52’s competing in this years race, the other 3 being Glory, MIST and Sonic.