March 26, 2020 Race Update

Good afternoon, please note that any comments below are subject to the latest recommended health guidelines from Canada, and may change at any time.

First, thank you to all the folks who are presently putting themselves at risk to combat the spread of the pandemic, and ensure essential services are in place. Thanks for being there.

The 2021 Van Isle, even if all of the border closures and health restrictions are removed will see challenges in having the race go forward as it has in the past. We anticipate that there will be obstacles that will come forward that we presently are not aware of.

There are however a few items that skippers intending on entering the 2021 race should be placing at the top of their lists immediately. Safety, training or qualifying race requirements will not be relaxed.

  1. All Van Isle 360 qualifying races for 2020 have been cancelled. This means that if you are considering entering the 2021 Van Isle you should be planning on entering the 2021 version of the qualifying races. As previously announced, Van Isle will conflict with the Swiftsure race for much of this decade due to Memorial Day occurring late in May, and the currents and tides through Seymour Narrows and Telegraph Cove requiring alignment. Thus the option of using Swiftsure as a qualifying race will not be possible.
  2. All Safety at Sea (SAS) classes through BC Sailing have been put on hold until a green light on social distancing has been announced by the health authorities. Speaking with the SAS coordinator, skippers and crew should not delay in registering for classes once dates are announced. 
  3. The Notice Of Race will be delayed beyond July of this year, and will only be published once a clear path forward is in place. The date to receive applications for entry, traditionally November 15th, may be pushed further out.
  4. Dates of the race for 2021 are firm. 

While we are full of unbridled enthusiasm for the race, we have greater enthusiasm for everyone staying safe.

Thank you to all the race organizers who chose correctly to cancel races well ahead of time. Rest assured, that we will do the same if current events do not abate in time for next year, or safety, training and qualifying races cannot be satisfied.

In order to maximize the opportunity of sailboat racing/recreational activities returning quickly, wash your hands, self isolate, keep 2 metres apart when out and about, be kind, and say thank you to anyone who is providing a service to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out  to us. 


Jeff & Sylvia

JeSyMarch 26, 2020 Race Update