2019 Crew Lists


The Race Committee will not require the physical submission of crew lists. It will be the responsibility of the Skipper to ensure that they have an onshore contact who will maintain an accurate Crew List for every leg of the race in the event that the information is required for Search And Rescue activities. This person must be available 24/7 via the telephone number and e-mail supplied on the race registration form.

Prior to the start of each leg, the Race Committee will poll every competitor for the number of souls on board and record the information. Details will be available in the Sailing Instructions.

The person responsible for the maintenance of the Crew List should have the following information immediately available for Joint Rescue Coordination Centre.

  • name of the boat
  • description of boat (Hull colour, boot stripe colour, sail number)
  • safety equipment on board i.e. life rafts/survival suits
  • emergency contacts for each member of the crew
  • any special health related information a crew member may want disclosed to SAR/First Responder personnel

A suggested Crew List Form is available below. CREW LIST






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