2021 Dates to be determined

The race dates for 2021 are proving to be a bit of a challenge.

Setting the dates for the race has always been fairly straight forward, pick the optimal Monday for transiting Seymour Narrows ( ideally an ebb tide not too early in the morning as to be tarred and feathered by skippers and crews) and we are away. In 2019, we had another challenge thrown at us when the traditional moorage arrangements in Telegraph Cove faded away. We now have to consider the tides in Telegraph Cove, (Alert Bay tidal data) to prevent the boats parked deep in the cove from becoming trapped by low water.

Having said the above, looking at dates in the coming decade, it appears that the relatively late celebration of Memorial Day may impact the dates of the Van isle 360.

Once we have Christmas and New Years over with, we will be looking to finalize dates.

JeSy2021 Dates to be determined