Coast Hotels Coast Hotels Coast hotels have been providing the fleet with accommodations in Nanaimo, Campbell River and Victoria since 1999. The Organizing Authority has appreciated the use of the conference room for the skippers meeting at the Coast Bastion Hotel in Nanaimo.


Arbutus RVArbutus RV Where would the Race Committee be without the RV to use as a command post in every stop except for Hardwicke Island and Winter Harbour? While the vehicle changes every go round, the wonderful support and service from Arbutus RV is always there. Thank you so much for making our home away from home so reliable and comfortable.



UK-Logo-Lrg2UK Sails Every competitor looks forward to receiving their Van Isle 360 battle flag, participation pennant and ifPennants you are skilled, persistent, focused and occasionally Neptune smiles upon you,  you may get to fly or keep the coveted first place yellow pennant that is awarded after each leg, and presented to the winner in each division. Behind the scenes it was Tim Knight, and now Stuart and Joy Dahlgren that will cut and sew over 850 flags and pennants for this years race. The pennants and flags help create the incredible atmosphere that accompanies the fleet in every port, and other regattas through out the Pacific North West. Thank you to the UK team for your support!


ParadiselogoParadise Island Foods Some ask why is a food company involved as a sponsor in the race? The answer is simple, Len Thompson, president of Paradise Island Foods is a huge supporter of sailing and the race. At the opening reception, it is Len’s team that delivers the cheese and accompaniments that bring an air of “paradise” to the race. Paired with Hester Creek Wines, it is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of the Van Isle 360, and recognition that all who partake are ambassadors for the race, our sport and the privilege we have in visiting the communities around the Island. Thank you Len for your support from the beginning.




BC Salmon Farmers In the middle of nowhere, no cooking facilities, no grocery stores,  the BC Salmon FarmersMHC Shellfish Logo blk March2013 LG-03 and Marine Harvest have been laying on a salmon bar-b-que that is incredible. All of the food, tables, port-a-potties and support are barged in just for the sailors. The Van Isle Roadies get the night off, and the sailors receive a special treat after getting up at 0330hrs to start in Deep Bay and finish at Hardwicke Island. Marine Harvest operates the fish farm where the boats tie up for the night. The crews are treated to tours of the facility, watch the salmon through cameras in the underwater pens and enjoy the hospitality of the staff.  Star light night, soaring mountains, cruise ships passing by, the sound of, well nothing but nature, it is really an experience that few will ever get to participate in. Marine Harvest


Qualicum Rivers Winter Harbour


Qualicum Rivers Winter Harbour Fishing Lodge & Resort Want to catch some world class salmon and halibut, this is the place!

After our little incident in 2013 with the tug and the log boom off of Hardwicke Island, the Organizing Authority recognized the need to source an all weather sturdy boat for shadowing the fleet on the inside of the island (or equip the Race Committee with armour suits). Rob Knudson and his wife Candy have been the main hosts in Winter Harbour welcoming boats in the middle of the night and organizing the chicken Bar-B-Que on the last night the fleet is in town. Rob has also been ferrying the Race Committee to and from Kains Island lighthouse so they can finish and start the fleet. Rob has been so kind to let us use a 26 foot Salmon/Halibut slayer for the inside of the race. Thank you Rob & Candy for making the inside a little safer for the Race Committee and the fleet!




Blast Performance Sailing